Dr. David D. McCloskey, “Father of Cascadia”, at the Festival!

David McCloskey Dr. David D. McCloskey is an Emeritus Professor of Seattle University. He taught in the Sociology/Anthropology Department as well as in the Ecological Studies program for over three decades (1971-2004). He served as chair of both departments, and co-founded Ecological Studies, having designed its curriculum. He created and taught more than one hundred different courses in ten different departments or programs throughout his tenure there.

A long-time bioregionalist who has spoken and written widely on the subject and Cascadia, he is the founder and director of the Cascadia Institute. He created the first maps of “The Ish River Country” (now officially the “Salish Sea”) and of Cascadia, the Ecoregions of Cascadia, as well as the soon to be published, “Bioregions of Western North America.” He is currently releasing new GIS-based small and large maps of the bioregion. He has been acknowledged as the “Father of Cascadia”– paulenelson.com/the-father-of-cascadia-interview/. He delivered a keynote presentation on “Cascadia Geography: Place & Spirit” at the 2nd Cascadia Poetry Fest in Seattle recently. Among other accomplishments, he is the first to conceive of “Cascadia Poetry” and to initiate a region-wide decades’ long search for its possibilities, editing an anthology, Mountains, Rivers, Sea, and Sky.

He continues making new maps and is creating the new fields of “Bioregional Geography” and “Cascadia Geography.”       Cascadia-Institute.org          Cascadia.Institute@gmail.com

David is our Friday morning (May 1st) speaker. Schedule details here.

Ps Happy healthy creative new year to you all!

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