Two Anthologies Launched at CPF

This year’s Cascadia Poetry Festival will feature the launch of TWO anthologies. One is a tribute to Sam, called the Samthology, with work in Spanish, French and English:

Introduction by Cate Gable
Drinking at Sundown by Alexis Bernaut
Buvant Au Couchant by Alexis Bernaut
學柯 Study The Axe Handle by Ian Boyden
samimmemorial by Lyn Coffin
Getting to Know Sam (and two other poems)by Leszek Chudziński
Letter from Boston by Michael Daley
Blasphemy by Martín Espada
Milosz and Hamill by Cate Gable
Coast Chronicles: Loose in Paris with a Fugitive Poet by Cate Gable
Paris, July 1, 2016: Letter to Sam by Cate Gable
The Next Garden by Kim Goldberg
Temple of the Word: What Sam Hamill Asked of Poetry by Shaun T. Griffin
From Paragraphs from a Day-Book by Marilyn Hacker
Homenaje A Sam Hamill by José Kozer
Tribute to Sam Hamill Translated from the Spanish by Raúl Sánchez
A Devotional for Sam Hamill: Habitude by Stephen Kuusisto
Interview with Sam Hamill by Paul E Nelson
Old Friend by Paul E Nelson
Letter to Sam Hamill by Paul E Nelson
A Simple Gift by William O’Daly
Habitation by Thomas H. Pruiksma
The Calling by Heidi Seaborn
A Pair of Hanging Scrolls: Landscape and Couplet of Chinese Verse (late 18th century)
by Ike Taiga by Rebecca Seiferle
Nine Bows for a Brother Monk by Karma Tenzing Wangchuk……

The Samthology will be launched Saturday, May 11, 2019, at 7pm at the Croatian Cultural Center, 801 5th Street in Old Town Anacortes.

Make It True meets Medusario is a mash-up of two previous anthologies. Medusario is a seminal documentation of the neobarroco school of Latin American poetry.From José Kozer’s essay THE NEO-BAROQUE: A CONVERGING IN LATIN AMERICAN POETRY:

A Neo-Baroque poet… tends not to stay within a given framework but rather, I would say, is all over the place. He deals in abrupt syntax, displacement, and a non-systematic system that can be found, mutatis mutandis, in the poetry of Olson and Zukofsky. The space of the Neo-Baroque poet is splintered. It has, of course, its own logic, a logic that includes, and at times prefers, the illogical, in the way an atheist includes God in his thoughts.

And from Matthew Trease’s brilliant introduction to Make it True meets Medusario:

The starting point was envisaged as a bringing together of the poetry communities represented by two earlier anthologies: Medusario : muestra de poesía latinoamericana (Fondo de Cultura Económica, 1996), an anthology of Latin American Neobarroco poets that Kozer had co-edited, and Make It True: Poetry from Cascadia (Leaf Press, 2015), a bioregional poetry anthology of which Nelson was a co-editor. In the mid-1990s, Medusario brought together a generation of Latin American poets who had been breaking with the work of forebearers like Pablo Neruda and Ernesto Cardenal, and instead drew a lineage that reflected more the neo-baroque tendencies of Cuban poet José Lezama Lima and Brazilian proto-concretist Haroldo De Campos. Much like Donald Allen’s groundbreaking New American Poetry did for post-war American poets, Medusario established a new potential lineage for Spanish and Portuguese speaking poets that included much of the poly-vocal and paratactic experiments of high Modernism along with the meter and imagery of English Metaphysical poets and the bards of the Spanish Golden Century Baroque.

Poets included in MmM:

Translated by Alejandro Carrillo and Dana Nelson.

NEO-BARROCO (Medusario) poets include: Carmen Berenguer, Marosa Di Giorgio, Roberto Echavarren, Eduardo Espina, Reynaldo Jiménez, Tamara Kamenszain, José Kozer, Pedro Marqués de Armas, Maurizio Medo, Néstor Perlongher, Soleida Ríos, Roger Santiváñeaz, and Raúl Zurita

CASCADIANS (Make It True) poets include: Stephen Collis, Elizabeth Cooperman, Sarah de Leeuw, Claudia Castro Luna, Nadine Maestas, Peter Munro, Paul E Nelson, John Olson, Shin Yu Pai, Clea Roberts, Cedar Sigo, Matthew Trease and Thomas Walton

There will also be a Seattle launch of Make it True meets Medusario, Sunday, May 12, at 3pm, at Elliott Bay Book Company, 1521 Tenth Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122.

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