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Festival Gold Passes Give Big!

Give Big 1For the first year SPLAB is participating in the Seattle Foundation’s Give Big program. The Seattle Foundation was a supporter of SPLAB from back in our Auburn days (1997-2004), and our 2016 goal is modest, $3,500.

We want to guarantee a sold-out house for the 4th Cascadia Poetry Festival in Seattle, November 3-6, at Spring Street Center. We have secured a remarkable lineup: Brenda Hillman, Daphne Marlatt, Colleen McElroy, Sam Hamill, Roger Fernandez, Sarah DeLeeuw, Janie Miller, Peter Munro, Judith Roche, Marilyn Stablein and others in the intimate setting of the Spring Street Center for Mainstage readings, the Living Room democratic reading, panels, workshops and a tribute to Denise Levertov, including a ritual walk to her grave in Lake View Cemetery.

Cascadia Poetry Festival logoOur goal is 100 contributions of at least $35, which will guarantee the giver a Gold Pass to attend all festival events.* Please consider supporting this work via Give Big, as festival tickets will not be available until July 4 and thanks in advance for your support of the work of SPLAB since the founding of the organization in 1993. Other sponsorship levels: $100 – Small Press Sponsorship, $500 – Douglas Fir Sponsor, $1000 – Red Cedar Sponsor.

*Space is limited in the venue, so please arrive early to ensure a good seat.

Give Big 2

Make It True Reading Audio

Make_It_True_Front_CoverA reading from the first ever anthology of Cascadia Poetry was held Wednesday, June 24, 2015, at Milepost 5 in Portland. At the beginning of a heat wave at the end of summer is NOT an idea time for a reading, but thanks to anthology poet and longtime Portland literary activist and barefoot reader dan raphael, as well as Duane Poncy and Patricia McLean of Artists Milepost 5, the reading happened at a really wonderful venue in a part of Portland that more people associate with fast food haunts than artists. But dan raphael had a family emergency with which to deal, leaving Duane and I in charge of the show. So here is the audio I took with my trusty IC recorder. Enjoy.

1. Duane Poncy and Paul Nelson Introductory Remarks 5:21.

2. Allison Cobb – Look 4:23

3. Jen Coleman – (Keiko is Missing (Bill Carty)) and Gossip (+ emcee comments) 5:32

Endi goes barefoot to read dan raphael's poem

Endi goes barefoot to read dan raphael’s poem

4. Endi Bogue Haritgan (Moments from the History of Rain (dan raphael)), Dreamed Thoreau and Twenty-Second Elegy 8:15

Endi Bogue Hartigan

Endi Bogue Hartigan

5. Jared Hayes (Thing Language (Jack Spicer)) and a distilled version of Blue Mountain Water Raindrop Sutra  3:08

6. Jimbo Beckman, who is not in the anthology, read postcard poems. 1:18

7. Emcee notes on Poetry Postcard Fest and co-editors 2:14

James Grabill

James Grabill

8. James Grabill Introductory Notes 2:01

9. James Grabill The Idea of 2020 4:52

10. Paul E Nelson The Day the Weather Decided to Die 3:00

11. C.E. Putnam (reading Meredith Quartermain’s Heat Haze), Day 22 and Day 164 Before You Put it In The Pan 7:16

12. Paul Nelson reads Thomas Walton’s With Gary Snyder on the Trail and Rita Wong’s The Wonder of Being Several – 3:00 

13. Marilyn Stablein (reads Frances McCue’s Steeple River Faith) also What Water Carries and three prose poems – 8:29

14. Paul E Nelson Closing Notes – :57


Bottom Row L to R: C.E. Putnam, Jimbo beckman, Jen Coleman. Upper: Endi Bogue Hartigan, Allison Cobb, Paul Nelson, Jared Hayes, James Grabill and Marilyn Stablein

Marilyn Stablein’s Book Art

Great review of the Cascadia Small Press Fair at the last Cascadia Poetry Festival in Nanaimo, and specifically of the Book Art of Marilyn Stablein. Mary Ann Moore writes:

What is a book to an artist, is the question some may ask Marilyn. She sees the book as

Marilyn Stablein at the Small Press Fair CPF3, Nanaimo. (Photo by Mary Ann Moore)

Marilyn Stablein at the Small Press Fair CPF3, Nanaimo. (Photo by Mary Ann Moore)

artifact, the book as celebration, the book as chance discovery, the book as found object, the book as travellog, the book as sacred space, the book as cultural relic, the book as ritual object, the book as sculpture, the book as visual poetry, the book as personal geography, the book as object poem, the book as intimate museum, the book as personal narrative, the book as poetic cartography. Don’t you love that list? And that’s just a beginning. (I’m a fan of “intimate museum.”)

See the whole blog post here: http://www.maryannmoore.ca/small-press-fair-2/